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There is not a better customer than a satisfied one. With our 40 plus years of experience, we have a great portfolio of satisfied customers.

Oshkosh Department of Defense

LED lights installed at the Oshkosh Department of Defense need to be a minimum of 35-foot candles from the height of the fixture to the floor. We provided 43 foot candles. The job needed to be completed in 3 months and we completed it 2 weeks early. Payback on the fixures was 1 year 8 months. Their rebate total was $16,500!

K&M Worldwide Crating

They were searching for more efficient  lighting and better overall quality. In just 3 days one of our installers came in and installed 34 fixures and now the shop is better lit, safer and more energy efficient.

Pete's Auto – Appleton

They have four times brighter lighting to work under than before. One install flipped all there lighting in under one week and the energy payback is just over one year.

Automatic Motors

Automatic Motors had a dim, unsafe auto shop until we came in and installed all new LED lighting. Now the shop is bright, safe and energy efficient.

Super Value Warehouses

We were able to install montion-sensor LED high bays reducing their energy costs by more that 75%. The lights payed for themselves in less that 2 years. And, it only took 2 of our guys 1 week to complete.

Custom Laminating Specialist

Besides the savings of going over to LED lighting, Custom Laminating Specialist wanted brighter visual light to be able to see imperfections on their products before shipping out to their customers.

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